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Why Doesn’t Hello Kitty Have A Mouth? The Truth

Picture of Hello Kitty no mouthWhy doesn’t Hello Kitty have a mouth? This is one of the most asked questions about Hello Kitty in the world!

And who can blame people for being curious about it?

It’s plain to see that Hello Kitty is missing something that most other characters have: a mouth.

Many theories and urban legends have sprung up to try to explain why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth.

The most popular of these stories is actually quite shocking. It says that Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth because a mother made a deal with the devil…

The story goes that a little girl got mouth cancer and was going to die. Her mother desperately wanted to save her. She prayed to God to spare her daughter but God did not answer her prayer.

She then in desperation prayed to the Devil, and he said he would save her daughter’s life but on one condition. The condition was that the mother create a toy company that paid homage to him.

The mother agreed and the girl’s life was spared. She then had to hold up her end of the bargain, and started a toy company featuring Hello Kitty. But she drew Hello Kitty without a mouth in memory of when her daughter had mouth cancer.

That’s the story, but not to worry, Hello Kitty did not come from such dark origins.

Yuko Shimizu the woman who created Hello KittySo why doesn’t Hello Kitty have a mouth?

The answer is simple.

The creator of Hello Kitty, a woman named Yuko Shimizu, wanted Hello Kitty to be a character that was able to help anyone in the world that came in contact with a Hello Kitty item.

She created Hello Kitty without a mouth so that a person could imagine Hello Kitty with the same emotions that they themselves were feeling.

Like if you felt sad, then you could imagine that Hello Kitty was frowning. And if you felt happy then you could imagine Hello Kitty was happy just like you.

This is where one of the Hello Kitty slogans “Happy or sad together,” comes from.

Yuko Shimizu felt that if Hello Kitty could share a person’s feelings then they could see Hello Kitty as an understanding friend.

Drawing Hello Kitty without a mouth was a genius move and has been an important part of Hello Kitty’s popularity.

Because, well, who couldn’t use an extra friend to share in your feelings? Especially a friend that is as adorable as Hello Kitty!

April 5, 2018
Hello Kitty Facts

What Is Hello Kitty’s Real Name?

Hello Kitty real name saying helloHello Kitty, it’s such an adorable name but let’s face it, it’s an unusual one too.

Most Hello Kitty fans know that there’s a whole backstory to her life, right down to a birth date and the city she lives in. But did you ever wonder about what the name ‘Hello Kitty’ was all about, and if there was another name behind it?

Well it turns out that yes, Hello Kitty is just a nickname, and her real name is Kitty White. The story goes she got the nickname ‘Hello Kitty’ when she was very young because she was so friendly and always made sure to say ‘Hello!’ to everyone she met. Now you know!

October 24, 2016
Hello Kitty Facts, Hello Kitty Items

The First Hello Kitty Item Ever Made: Super Cute

I thought the best way to kick things off here at Hello Kitty Guide was to start at the beginning. Turn your time machines back to 1974 and behold, the first Hello Kitty item ever made:

Hello Kitty first item

Little did the world know at the time that this tiny vinyl coin purse was the start of a cuteness phenomenon!

The coin purse featured a sweet faced little white cat in blue overalls and red bow, sitting between a bottle of milk and a fishbowl. The top of the coin purse had the word ‘Hello!’ written in English, though it was hard to read while the coin purse was closed. And the tabs to close the coin purse had red stars on a white background, a nice touch to bring the whole thing together.

In the years to come, people around the world would come to know Hello Kitty as the measure of all things adorable. But back in 1974, it was only those lucky few in Japan who seen this little coin purse that had any idea.

October 20, 2016
Hello Kitty Chat

Welcome To Hello Kitty Guide!

Hello Kitty wavingHi, my name is Anita and I’m your guide to all things Hello Kitty. Welcome to my blog!

I have loved Hello Kitty stuff ever since I was a little girl.  Cute Hello Kitty stationary and pencil boxes were all the rage at my school, and I would always check all the stores for the most adorable Hello Kitty stuff (extra points if it was scented in some way, like strawberry scented Hello Kitty stationary).

Nowadays it’s amazing what kind of Hello Kitty things¬†anyone can have access to, at the touch of a button thanks to the internet. The sky is the limit for Hello Kitty items, whether it’s something to buy or just look at. So come with me and let’s see what cute Hello Kitty stuff we can find out there!

October 20, 2016
Hello Kitty Guide
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