Hello Kitty Facts

Little Known Fact: Hello Kitty Has A Twin Sister

Mimmy, Hello Kitty's Twin SisterIt would be hard to find a person in the world who hadn’t at least heard of Hello Kitty, but something that most people out there don’t know is that Hello Kitty has an identical twin sister named Mimmy.

That’s right, a twin sister.

Born on the same day in November, Hello Kitty is the older twin and Mimmy is the younger one. The only way to tell Hello Kitty and Mimmy apart is by looking at the bow in their hair. Hello Kitty wears a red bow and Mimmy wears a yellow one.

Maybe you’ve seen pictures of Hello Kitty stuff with a white cat wearing a yellow bow and yellow overalls and thought it was Hello Kitty, but actually it’s her twin sister Mimmy.

Hello Kitty and Mimmy celebrating with birthday cakeNow while Hello Kitty and Mimmy look exactly alike, their personalities can be very different. Mimmy is more shy and introverted, preferring to spend time inside sewing and dreaming about getting married someday. Hello Kitty is more outgoing and social, with her favorite thing to do is going out and making new friends.

But no matter what their differences may be, for Hello Kitty and Mimmy the most important relationship in their life is with each other. They have always been best friends and can count on each other no matter what happens.

November 4, 2016
Hello Kitty Facts

When Is Hello Kitty’s Birthday?

Picture of Hello Kitty Having A Birthday

Hello Kitty is featured every day around the world as the theme of birthday parties, but did you ever wonder when Hello Kitty’s special day was?

Hello Kitty was officially born on November 1 in a suburb not far outside of London, England.

Now you might also be wondering, ‘so what year was Hello Kitty born in?’ Well that’s a little bit more complicated question to answer. While Hello Kitty was born to the world in 1974, which would make her over 40 years old right now, in the story of Hello Kitty she is mentioned to be forever a 3rd grader. That would make her forever about 8 or 9 years old.

No wonder Hello Kitty appeals to the kid in all of us. So whenever November 1st rolls around each year don’t forget to say Happy Birthday to the world’s most famous icon of cuteness!

November 1, 2016
Hello Kitty Facts

What Is Hello Kitty’s Real Name?

Hello Kitty real name saying helloHello Kitty, it’s such an adorable name but let’s face it, it’s an unusual one too.

Most Hello Kitty fans know that there’s a whole backstory to her life, right down to a birth date and the city she lives in. But did you ever wonder about what the name ‘Hello Kitty’ was all about, and if there was another name behind it?

Well it turns out that yes, Hello Kitty is just a nickname, and her real name is Kitty White. The story goes she got the nickname ‘Hello Kitty’ when she was very young because she was so friendly and always made sure to say ‘Hello!’ to everyone she met. Now you know!

October 24, 2016
Hello Kitty Guide
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